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I balk at control.

Like a severe appendectomy we refuse to treat in time only because Teen Mom is on TV, control is not something easily we would be happy to give up. Much like our very own appendix, our notion of control, whether it be good or bad is heavily overrated. We’re born without it, we build on it and seek to increase our grasp of it. At all costs.

control - the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events

Seeking to dominate or overpower each and everyone around us is turning into an obsession of the worst kind. We tend to overfocus, absolutely and unabatedly in the generation of influence and thus control. Even though neither are synonyms control and influence are tied together, influence produces the illusion of control.

We have more followers and fans we can measure and reach and therefore influence yet we sell control.

Who then has the power in their hands? Is it us, yes you and every single person you know that has some sort of footprint in this carbon based atmosphere, or is it them, those who seek to influence, control, create and destroy. Ideas and notions get thrown out the window everyday: “Oh, someone did that before. I saw it somewhere.”. Gone. A whole little, nice and quite possibly productive idea out the drain based on someone else’s influence on our obvious unoriginality. The power of ideas is then mythology, a construct.

Abide and endure! You were never in control.

We shall squeeze you empty and then we shall fill you with ourselves.

George Orwell was talking about an extreme and totalitarian state in 1984 when that last sentence went down on paper but it is true for any state of human life. We’re filled with the opinions, opposition and resistance of others even if we don’t want it. We’re an organic composition of everything that is around us, experiences, other people and the ever poetic life itself. The singular notion of the freedom to choose sides to harness more and more of this intangible yet apparently inconmensurable power that we see portrayed as influence is against the very whim that inspired control.

I balk at control, it was never there, it was never yours.

  1. Apr.11.2011@2:29 pm - droope says:

    This guy seems to think like you:


    I have found out lately… that no matter what I do, i can’t really control important things, they are to be controlled by something higher… :)


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