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You are limited.

There’s one thing that’s been bothering me as of late and it has a lot to do with how disconnected we’ve become from reality as PR pros and Social Media Experts more precisely. Gurus, messiahs and everything that falls in between. A little writing never hurt anyone right? I will ask you to imagine a lot while you read, bear with me.

Imagine a butcher. Go a little further and imagine that that butcher is the best in the city where you live, imagine that he always has the best products and the sunniest disposition. He’s always willing to help and he’s always giving you better deals when he sees you often and posts great deals in a little chalkboard out on the street you pass everyday on your way to work. He’s the absolute best at what he does. He attends conferences, is recognized by his peers and employees as the nicest, most incredible guy in the business. He’s a brand, a household name an absolute legend in the meat industry. A pretty awesome butcher if you ask me and his costumers.

Now imagine a famous blogger. Follow the same exercise but fly him to the hip social media events and have him give lectures for corporate clients.

In absolute terms, the entire text you’ve read means absolutely nothing.

I just wanted to portray the skewed view we have of our own world in this sense, we’re limited by our own interactions. The people we meet, see, talk to or are influenced by are key into shaping our world. I hear the news from very specific sources and find out about the lives of very specific people. Social Media has reshaped this very original perceptive nature, as it was present before, even before we learned how to accurately measure our interactions. Say hello to tweets, likes and reblogs everyone.

We are now aware of influence as a decisive factor in the decision making process and are using it towards our own personal goals.

Our view of the world is directly affected by the people we follow and the advice or influence we receive from them. The people we follow on twitter, those who comment on our blogs or post on our Facebook walls. The endless internet is more limited than we think, and that is counterproductive towards our work. We’re constantly overselling, not because we don’t know enough but because we think more of ourselves than what we really are.

This is not necessarily a bad thing yet it requires some self indulgence which is negative and will in turn result in that awful perception of “Social Media Messiah” you already have. You’re already the center of the universe, we don’t need you to tell us you are every other tweet. Stop it already.

Be aware of what you are, a human being. With limitations, even here, you are not expected to know everything there. Social Media is more about sociology and anthropology than actual Social Media. Don’t pretend to be an expert on something you’re not (don’t worry, no one can be one), no classes can be taught on it, as our job is merely experiential and requires exactly that.

It requires you be honest, with yourself, your clients and most importantly the rest of the world.

In the meantime, get over yourself.

Because, in my world, I’m really important.

  1. Jul.12.2010@4:39 pm - Fabricio says:

    Many seem eager to own a title; wether is Social Media something or a butcher. It’s the new black and people learned to follow that way; the doctor knows about humans but because he’s a doctor he must know about bikes too. The person influenced by the doctor seems more proud that the doctor himself. Your reference ‘Social Media is more about sociology and anthropology than actual Social Media’ is a true one.

  2. Jul.12.2010@4:41 pm - Bell says:

    I really liked this text.
    I couldn’t agree more when you stated that the way we see the world is directly affected by the influence of the ones that we follow.
    I’ll RT this. People should read it.

    Btw, the last two lines of the text are awesome.

  3. Jul.12.2010@6:57 pm - Nico Danan says:

    Well said, detachment is key. As my father would say “The Cemetery is full of indispensable people”.

  4. Jul.17.2010@5:31 pm - Magdalena says:

    Muy bien Sapochat eh.. chachis for iu, muy buenas palabras dude.

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