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We’re confused

The expansive nature of information and the way we have managed to display it in the recent years has derived in an inordinate amount of naturally diffusive behavior on our part. As users, consumers and producers of an incredible amount of content we’re responsible for our own personal opinions, thoughts and issued content as a collective entity.

Cultural iteration at its core is repetitive and in its surface not as evident as we wish it would be. Our main issue with how we connect and share, because sharing’s big right now, is not that we do or even when or why but what it is doing to us. What will happen well all individual voices, opposing revolutions sound unison?

Communication must become total and conscious before we can stop it.*

When *William S. Burroughs wrote that line in The Ticket That Exploded the rational idea of the Internet was an illusion and conjecture in the cover of Popular Mechanics. 1962 the year that book was first released people were more worried by the Cuban Missile Crisis than what Burroughs had to say or anyone else for that matter. That October and subsequent months were dedicated to the impending nuclear war.

Information is subject to broadcast and its expression is biased.

Our voice used to be limited by the means in which we communicated. Before the internet, or so we think, we used to be limited in reach to a definite amount of people which could even be quantified. A number, measured. Our reach has become massive, and what seems as finite is now close to impossibly measurable. As our world seems massive we need to find some peace of mind in the fact that it’s not.

The combined power of our followers is very small and that our world has very little influence in the perceived world of others. We’re walking steadily towards not realizing the connective nature of information and what results from said connection and subsequent bias. We shift and change information in a way in which we will make it relevant for ourselves and thus create and mold new, different information. Sharing has become synonymous of creating, books used to be shared and the text remained the same, sharing a link on twitter biases the receiver and thus the outcome or interpretation of said original information is different.

Information thus connects and confuses.

  1. Jul.23.2010@3:58 am - Fabricio says:

    The ability to receive, share and propagate information has given us the power to wake interests we didn’t have before. We just love the interaction. Sharing did become a synonym of creating and the information’s integrity is sometimes at risk, but as we surpass this interactive-communication adolescence we will realize that the information we share belongs to the subjects we are talking about. This is no different than ‘talk is cheap’; it’s just omnidirectional and this time the tools are more powerful than we thought resulting in a greater impact. This time, more than before, to know what we are talking about we have to know what we a reading about.