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For good measure.

I’ve recently come to the realization of how little we actually understand from the massive statistical overload thrown at us these days.

With 600 million Facebook users, 6 billion people in the world and around 200 that will read this post do you know how to interpret what that actually means?

Have you ever seen 1 million little tiny human beings together?

Of course not.

So today I wonder, what is it, that these microconnections (macro actually), momentary lapses of socialization or interaction really become when you don’t have a real grasp of your reach and the potential audience out there? Light years where put in place to explain, in simpler terms, distances absolutely incomprehensible to men.

What’s 40 million miles or 400 million miles?
It’s fucking far away.

Does arguing that 10 million is greater 600 million makes a difference when trying to understand?
Hell no.